CFA Piling & Bored Piling

McDonnell Piling & Foundations operate a fleet of piling rigs, capable of forming piles between 300mm and 900mm providing loads up to 3000 kN dependant on ground conditions. These modern rigs form piles using the Continuous Flight Auger technique.

C.F.A. (Continuous flight auger) Piling is carried out on larger structures to transfer high vertical loads through soft overlying soils to competent strata beneath. It is also use for formation of basements as an alternative to sheet piles where space restrictions prevent excessive digging. Dependant on ground conditions and the presence of water, the walls may be contiguous or secant.

All piles constructed are subjected to integrity testing to ensure the quality of the pile formed. In addition, we can carry out static load testing of selected piles to determine the load settlement performance of the pile and ultimate capacity. Alternatively, selected piles may be dynamically tested to ascertain their working load settlements.