McDonnell Piling & Foundations have a range of limited access rigs to gain access to even the most restricted areas and can offer a full subsidence remedial package comprising drain survey and replacement, foundation repairs and remedial works to footpaths, driveways, structural cracks etc.

Remedial works can comprise a combination of the following:

  • Hand operated drilling through the foundation followed by pressure grouting under the foundation to stabilise loose material or to fill voids in the soil caused by water leakage.
  • Mini-Piles installed directly through and bonded to the foundation, thus transforming the structural load from the foundation to bearing strata at depth.
  • Compression Mini-Piles installed either side of the foundation with connecting tie beams running under the foundation.
  • Mini-Piles installed on one side of the foundation, one acting in tension and one acting in compression, with a cantilever tie beam running under the foundation.
  • In some cases where subsidence is pronounced, it may be necessary to jack up the structure on supporting Mini-Piles.